About Us

We Are

"We are an innovative Texas based I.T. Solutions Company.
We have been {people-centric} and {tech-forward} since 1998"
We are a Leading Full Service IT Solutions Provider in the Small Business (SMB) - Mid Market Space.


TanChes is an innovative Texas Based, IT Solutions Company, that is People Centric and Tech Forward since 1998.  We are a full service IT Solutions Provider offering expertise and experience to the SMB-Mid Market Companies through expert navigation of Technology that works right for Your Business.
TanChes is has team of quirky, smart and innovative entrepreneurs, who believe in personal and professional growth, but is also focused in their belief and vision of transforming their Community.  We believe in the idea of “IN SOURCING”! At TanChes, we like to create teams that live and work in, on and around their communities.

Our Mission

"To create business efficiencies and profitability through implementation of  Trustworthy Technologies in your Workflow Processes..."
We have a strong and stellar reputation that is built on the foundation of Client Testimonials acquired trough years of long-standing relationships developed through our diligence and aptitude. Managing a business takes a broad range of skills and experience and there always competing pressures on your time and resources - so leave the policing of IT to US!

Our Vision

"To be  T R U E"
T - Technical & Tactical
R - Reliable & Responsible
U - Understanding
E - Expertise & Experience
Our Vision and Our Values are to be TRUE to our Clients and Consultants.  We value the personal connection, that each Client and Team Member brings to the table and cherish the collective growth to enhance progress and growth in Our Business and Our Community.
Having a smooth running and secure Information Technology (IT) infrastructure can provide a strong competitive advantage and helps your business become successful. An environment based on reliable technology has a direct effect on profitability, productivity, communication and effectiveness.


Reliable I.T. = (efficiency + profitability)