IT Consulting, Design & Implementation

As a Full Service IT Company we know that the transition for most businesses that start from a component-based network architecture to virtualized data center presence or even an eventually cloud based Services is not an easy one.  TanChes offers a complete Menu of products and services that the Client may choose from to best affect their environment and still be within their budget.

There are many ways to proceed along the IT life cycle, and YOU get to decide where to start, the level of support you need, how far to go and at what speed. This flexibility provides a transformation in your IT environment that meets your business’s specific requirements. This is also true with our capabilities. You tell us what your Vision is and we make it happen.

Our service and setup capabilities are determined, not by what we have to sell but by what you want to accomplish in your Business through your Vision. We design and uniquely customize our approach to let our Clients determine which of our products and service components best suits their needs.

To help you achieve your IT Goals our Consulting, Design & Implementation Services include but are not limited to:

  Infrastructure Auditing and Reporting
  IT Best-Practice Review
  LAN Analysis
  IT Design Consulting
  Implementation Services
  CLOUD Integraton
  DATACENTER Migration & Integration

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