Websites and Social Websites

Being Social = Being in Business!

Today, Business Sales, Marketing, Public relations and Community relations are integrated through Technology and can be delivered on the Social Media Platform.  Technology and business are interchangeable terms, in the new tech connected world.  TanChes, partners with some of the best alliances, which help build your business audience and improve profitability.

TanChes can help create Strategies that can lead to measurable and quantified ROI. These can be established, by the creative use of Social Media marketing as your platform.  Compelling results can be achieved at comparable prices.

Websites are the window through which, you give the Global Marketplace a glimpse in to your Business.  Your Products, Services, team and culture, can be exhibited and displayed to the right audience through the right platforms.  TanChes can create a range of Websites, from simple and informative to complex, multi layered and information intensive websites that are effective.  We also offer a full range of integration services for Web hosting, SEO services, shopping carts and e-commerce.

The benefits of Websites and integration of Social Media in Marketing your Business:

  • Global audience creating Global opportunities
  • Constant and captivated audience
  • Business Profitability

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